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2019 Middlesex Summer Baseball Registration


2019 Registration ~ Middlesex Summer Baseball.



AYBSA is part of the Middlesex Summer Baseball program.  This program offers "travel" baseball on a more relaxed schedule. Middlesex games take place two weeknights per week, no weekends (except practice). Leagues are broken into 8/9/10 and 11/12 age groups. Games start after  July 5th and end around August 14, with no postseason play. 

Players who wish to play Middlesex Baseball must register, but need not try out.  When registering, you may request being placed on teams with other players and/or coaches.  Teams will in part be built using these requests, but the roster size will also be a factor, meaning if a team roster is full request cannot be honored. Please keep in mind we cannot always honor every request!  So it is best to register early.

The towns that are usually included are Belmont, Bedford, Lexington,  Winchester and Watertown.

Game times are usually 5:30p or 5:45p.

The 11/12 teams usually play Monday & Wednesday; the 8/9/10 teams play Tuesday & Thursday.  Friday has been used to help balance the schedules, but only infrequently.

Roster size will run about 14 players to allow for vacations. 

Teams will be set by Mid-June. 


Please register at www.aybsaonline.org

Thank you




by posted 05/24/2019
Field Status
Batting Cage - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Bishop School - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Buck - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Buzzell 1 - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Buzzell 2 - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Florence - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Hurd - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
McClennen - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Ottoson - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Peirce - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Poets - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Reservoir - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
Scannell - Arlington TBD (6/18) 
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